Happy Easter Sunday: Last Week in Review

Happy Easter Sunday beautiful people! Hope your enjoying this wonderful day in celebration of Christ's resurrection!

Here's a little peek of what I've been up to last week!

A week ago we celebrated our daughters second birthday, I kept the dessert table very simple by decorating with with tulips and 3 tiered trays filled with a few Easter cookies for dessert. and of course Moscato for the Adults :)

As you of course know, I've been busy with the One Room Challenge and this week I'll reveal the art I have chosen for the main wall and the progress on my DIY Pillows!

I am currently loving round mirrors at the moment they just give a really amazing statement in any space

My online Art & Photography Studio will launch prior to the launch of my site so be on the look out for a few of my fav art pieces for sale.

Currently packing & getting ready to spend a few days in the sunshine can't wait

A fav quote by Erica Cook has been going around the Social Media network and it so rings true!  If you've got talent then let it shine if you've got the same talent as someone else, wish them well we're all in the same boat trying to make a living while loving what we do!



ORC Week 3: Project Little Blue Room

Hello hello.  We are at the halfway mark of the One Room Challenge and once again I am going to show you the progress of "project little blue room"  If you haven't been following along, click here to see what it looked like last week.

So I've finally added the vintage desk to the other side of the room and I am L-O-V-I-N-G it!  I think the best use of this space would be double this desk as a vanity for guests.  I've added a gold mirror and may or may not add more art surrounding the mirror.

I was able to place one light hanging from the ceiling and I must say mi likey!!  

Ok folks I need your help, which art should I choose canvas art or framed print art? 

And if framed then which one?  Gold or black?

And here's something I'm DIY-ing.... a few throw pillows! these will be the lovely colors (that color you think is pink or magenta isn't..it's purple folks!! Promise It'll look more purple in the final reveal!

We're almost there..the excitement is oh so real and very much alive!

Have a smashing day!


Black window trim

Good day to you all, hope your having a lovely day! 

I've always had a thing for black trimmed windows in kitchens so I thought I'd share a few of my favs.

Enjoy your week!  And don't forget to pop by the blog late Thursday so you can see the progress on my One Room Challenge!

Loving the arched doorway!  This room gives off so much natural light at every corner!

So Chic, and a lovely mix of sophistication & fun!

 This is just divine!  The scale- the eclectic touch it's all just absolutely stunning!  Hands down one of my fav's!



One Room Challenge: Week 2 -Project Little Blue Room

Good day folks are you still following along?  I'm still super pumped with this One Room Challenge you can check out my first week here! I've got a mini update for you and I hope you'll stay :)

So I think this little blue room will be channeling a little bit of Athena Calderon <3>

So this week I made a wee bit of progress and have cleared the room.   A queen bed fills the room and I have decided to add a vintage desk on the far end of the room which I will show you next week.
Sorry about the rumpled bed sheet and the poor quality pics it'll all look fab in the end, promise!

As  you can see I've hung the chains that will hold the  light fixtures  I'm thinking of re-purposing these lamp shades from my living room .... what do you think? I'm also considering mimicking this DIY project that Jen from Made by girl did.

I have some art that I will also be selling on my upcoming online studio that I'm considering to use in this room or

even this paper I bought from papyrus and framed..decisions, decisions...

Once again,  here's the original plan.

I haven't changed my plans that much and I'm really excited to finish!  To all those who have joined in this challenge I can't wait to see the final outcome.


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