Art Styling & Installs

Happy Labour Day to all celebrating!  It's such a gorgeous day here in Toronto and I'm about to take the girls out for some water fun! But before I do I thought I'd share some of my art installations!  Enjoy!



Parisian Love

There's no secret that I love a good Parisian themed home.  Throw in some unique and amazing art, the ever popular gilded mirror some amazing millwork and  for a twist, some artistically designed furniture and voila you've got some major eye candy!

 I'm dreaming up a scheme for my dining/living room and these photos from Elle Decor are giving me major inspiration right now!  

Now where can I find an amazing carpenter to give my walls some life?!


AGO Favorites

Last week I decided to take a trip with my girls to the Art Gallery of Ontario, it was way overdue and I figured my eldest  should be old enough to appreciate art in various forms right? Well sort of; she found it exciting running in the open spaces like she was in a gymnasium.

and although that was not the plan I had in mind, she did absolutely give me joy when she chose a lovely Warhol Print from the shop to take home.  

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit - the Picasso pieces and photography capturing the aftermath of nuclear explosion were simply breathtaking and were some of my favorites. 

I will most likely be taking a single trip again soon, you'll probably find me - pastry & coffee in hand (a la Holly Golightlyin Breakfast at Tiffany's) staring at Antigonous in the storm by Joseph Wright of Derby, this moody piece is absolutely  a fav!  

I captured a few other fav's I hope you'll enjoy! 



Art Deco Inspirations

Lately I've been in this Art Deco phase, structures and lines and fancy 20's & 30's style.  Art was absolutely beautiful back then and to me the typography has always caught my eye.  Take a look at some of my fav inspirational pics... Enjoy!


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