Art Report:Hiroshi Matsumoto

I haven't done an art report in quite sometime but I found this amazing artist on Etsy and had to share his amazing work! 

I love the gorgeous colors of these abstract oil paintings:

Here's what Hiroshi has to say about his art:

 "I love oil paint, it's texture, viscosity, slow-drying time and smell. I paint abstract. I never know what it is going to be until it's complete. When I start to paint, I always put some colours on the canvas without thinking. My choice of colours is often accidental or intuitive. I try to catch the chance meeting of colour with composition. Sometimes I get lost, and then other times I find myself walking along a path that brings me back to where I belong. Abstract is for me a concrete way to share an inner sense, place and time with you directly and deeply. "

Truly passionate and absolutely inspiring, To purchase visit His Etsy Shop or hiroshimatsumoto.com


Vegan Buckwheat pancakes with strawberry sauce

These are absolutely delicious when topped with mouthwatering strawberry sauce!  I created this from scratch with little to no measurements so I'll try my best to give you some sort of measurement guideline.
Here we go:
1 1/2 Cup of Buckwheat Flour
1 Cup of Water
3 tbsp. of Ground Flax Seed
1tsp of ground cinnamon
3 tbsp. of natural sweetener (you can use agave, honey, cane sugar etc.  I used honey)
1/2 Cup of mixed dates and or raisins or bananas
-Mix until consistency is smooth
-Add Coconut oil to frying pan and heat on medium
Berry Sauce
Slice or finely chop a handful of strawberries or various berries
Place in table spoon of water in a small pot on the stove add honey
Cover and let simmer for a few minutes
I assure you my measurements and instructions will get better with time. IF you try this recipe let me know how it goes!


My Home Office Space

 I have been asked to share my workspace with WeWork and of course I am happy to do so!  I'd rather not send you pics of me hunkered over my corporate office desk , littered with mountainous amounts of paperwork, I will however show you my home office space, where I think creatively and let my imagination flow freely.

Because I am ever changing my space based on moods & current projects, this is what it currently looks like.

Current mood: Parisian Dreams & Klimt Art Inspirations...

Have a lovely Sunday!

WeWork is a co-working company with various locations.


Art & Photography

Visions of blended colors, black paint protruding off of white canvas and vivid photos just itching to be placed in fabulous frames to join a slew of other framed photos carefully positioned on your wall.....Sounds amazing doesn't it?

We will be hosting our very first Sample Art Sale with all of the above mentioned and more
Mark your calendars, if your in the GTA be sure to RSVP!
P.S. Email is theindigoandco@ymail.com (make sure it's Y MAIL not Gmail) :)


We have some new prints up in our studio.

Enjoy your day!


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